The Cedar Rapids Curling Club is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, bringing curling to Eastern Iowa, from Waterloo to Iowa City and all surrounding areas of the I-380 corridor. The Cedar Rapids Curling Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization promoting the values and sport of curling in Iowa and the United States.  The CRCC is proud members of the United States Curling Association, Illinois Curling Association, and the United States Women’ Curling Association.

One of our primary objective is expand the benefits of activity and sportsmanship to people of all age groups and physical abilities, from first-time players or those with physical limitations to seasoned experts playing at a national level. It is common place for members to congratulate opposing team members when they make an especially good throw.  We regularly have teams of all ability levels attend bonspiels (curling tournaments) at other curling clubs throughout the United States.  CRCC is based on camaraderie and helping each other improve.  We regularly organize social events for the members outside of curling sessions.

Whether young or old, novice or expert, if you are at all interested in curling, we are confident that you would enjoy our club!