A Private Event with Cedar Rapids Curling is a perfect event for:

  • Employee team building
  • Client and customer development
  • Churches, clubs and other groups
  • Birthday and other private parties of all types

No curling experience or special equipment is necessary. We can develop a customized format to suit your particular organization’s needs.  With as little as 90 minutes of ice time, your employees, colleagues, and clients can learn the basics of the sport and “feel like Olympians”.  Groups ordinarily are limited to 48 participants to make sure everyone has a chance to play. We are currently scheduling events for September 2018. 


First and foremost, it’s a fun and unique experience.  It encourages healthy exercise but does not necessarily require significant athletic ability to enjoy.  Moreover, the interactive format fosters:

  • Communication skills
  • Self confidence
  • Trust
  • Team building
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Leadership
  • Improve morale

Positive interpersonal relationships and successful organizational teams are best built by having fun while facing challenges that are overcome when everyone contributes to the common goal.


What to Expect

Group events usually last about 90 minutes, unless other arrangements are made.  Your group will have the entire ice rink reserved your private event.  Your group will receive basic safety information and a brief overview of the sport.  After instruction on sweeping and stone delivery, participants will be broken up into teams for games.  Our Cedar Rapids Curling volunteers will be on hand to answer questions, provide encouragement, help with technique and strategy, and make sure that everyone succeeds.  There are additional options for off-ice social activities afterwards, if appropriate for your group.

With as little as 90 minutes of ice time your  employees, colleagues and clients can learn the basics of stone delivery, sweeping and strategy.  The club will work with individuals to create specialized events depending on your needs.

Cedar Rapids Curling will find a way for any interested person, who can safely be on the ice, to participate when their physical abilities do not allow for typical curling styles and techniques.  We have special stone delivery devices for those who may not be able to comfortably crouch down to deliver (throw) stones and we can accommodate individuals with more significant physical limitations.  Children can participate when accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Contact us with questions about your particular circumstances if you have concerns; we almost certainly will be able to accommodate.

 What to Bring

Cedar Rapids Curling provides all the necessary curling equipment, but you will be on ice and the air temperature usually is in the 40’s (with no wind).  Bring a separate pair of athletic shoes, whose soles are clean of any rocks, dirt, gum, grass, etc., to wear on the ice (no heels, open toed shoes, dress shoes, boots, slippers, loafers, or any footwear with a hard sole).  Do not wear these shoes to the arena, as you they will pick up the previously mentioned rocks, dirt, gum, grass, etc. from the outside, rather change into them when you are inside the ice arena.  Dress in warm, loose fitting clothing (tight jeans will hinder movement).  You may want to shed a layer once you start playing.  Many participants are more comfortable wearing gloves or mittens and a hat.  Don’t forget to bring a sense of humor too!


Corporate and groups up to 48 individuals: $700

Food and beverage is available at an additional cost.

Contact Us!

To coordinate an event, please fill out our group event form.  

We are FULL for the remainder of this season. 

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We curl in a multi-use ice arena, and we need at least three weeks notice to book your event and schedule volunteers to instruct your group.  The more advanced notice you can give us, the better chance you’ll get the day and time you request.  Hockey season typically runs mid-October through mid-March.  Booking group events in the evening during this time is highly unlikely, but afternoon group events are more easily scheduled.  Between mid-March and mid-October, evening events are much more available.